Residents of The Upper Usk Valley

We would like to engage with people who might want to be part of a proactive team of individuals, organising projects and events for community and local business benefit. Our meetings take place once a month, usually in one of the numerous Upper Usk Valley pubs and we often stay on after proceedings for a drink, chat and sometimes a nice meal.

Did you know?

Sennybridge Public Conveniences are run and managed by members of our group? When Powys County Council shut the toilets in May 2015, we took over the licence in order to allow the service to continue. Volunteers open and close every day of the year so that people who are passing through The Upper Usk Valley can use them. We have received some generous donations from members of the public who really appreciate the bright and clean facilities and the fact that they can break their journey along the main A40 in Sennybridge.

In October 2016, the Upper Usk Valley Group organised with Welsh Water to replace the stolen plaques at The Usk Reservoir. About 70 community members gathered for a commemorative ceremony presided over by Shân Legge-Bourke, Lord Lieutenant of Powys, to say thank you to those who lost their homes when the Usk Valley was flooded in 1955.

The Upper Usk Valley Group produces a booklet for visitors to the area where local businesses can advertise their services for a small annual fee.

Apple Pressing

On a sunny autumn day last October we joined forces with the local brewing club (The Beacons Mashketeers) and The International Welsh Rarebit Centre to hold the community’s first apple pressing day in Defynnog.

We filled the cafe’s beautiful courtyard area with a large apple crusher, a variety of presses and a marquee in case of rain.

Local families brought their freshly picked fruit to be crushed and pressed and everyone from grandparents to grandchildren tried their hand at packing and operating the presses. The Beacons Mashketeers were also on hand to provide advice about pasteurising the juice or fermenting it to make cider.

The day was a great success and we can’t wait to get set up again this autumn (all being well).